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Personal injury law is the legal avenue for an injured person to file a complaint against the individual or entity that caused harm through negligence, reckless conduct, or intentional misconduct.

Personal injury victims often feel intimidated, afraid and helpless when dealing with insurance companies. An experienced personal injury attorney can help level the playing field in an effort to bring justice to the injury victim. All correspondence with a personal injury attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege. 

The attorney-client privilege is a very important right and a critical piece of being represented by an attorney. The attorney-client privilege protects information shared confidentially with your lawyer, during an initial consultation and throughout the course of our law firm's representation. The attorney-client privilege is the right of the client and can only be waived by the client.

Attorney-client privilege is important because without it clients may be hesitant to inform their lawyer of information the client may perceive to be damaging. But without all the facts, a criminal trial lawyer cannot effectively defend the client which is one of the primary reasons the law protects the open and honest communication between lawyer and client.

‚ÄčTravis Newton is a trusted personal injury attorney that can help you navigate the complex legal process. If you have been injured by the negligence of an individual or another third party, Travis can answer your questions with a free consultation to evaluate your case.